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All Laser Centers and Med Spas are the Same....Or Are They?

There are countless numbers of laser centers and med spas on every corner and in countless numbers of doctor's offices. The potential patient or client must be feeling completely overwhelmed and confused as to which place is the best one to choose. Therefore we feel it is important to inform patients on what they need to know before entering a med spa, laser center or doctor's office with lasers inside.

When determining the place you are going to be treated at, believe it or not, some of these offices have inferior equipment and lasers. What do we mean by this? We mean that the lasers these offices own can be very old with outdated technology. Lasers are cutting edge and the technology of a laser 12 years ago compared to a relatively newer one today is like night and day. Not only has the effectiveness gone way up but the safety has too, as newer lasers have extra cooling tips that help prevent burns.

So one might think, ok, I'm going to an office that has new lasers, that's pretty simple. Wrong, it's not that simple. Lasers must be maintained on a yearly basis where specialized technicians from the laser companies themselves check the calibrations, the power output, the safety mechanisms while at the same time cleaning the lasers and overall refurbishing the lasers. This is a very expensive endeavor to take on. If a medical office, med spa or laser center does not regularly do this, no matter how great the technology and how great the reputation of the doctor (that is if there even is a medical doctor present on location) the laser WILL NOT operate efficiently and results will be muted.

You would not expect your car to run year in and year out, beating it up on the roads, without getting an oil change and regular maintenance just like you wouldn't want a laser that generates large amounts of heat to touch your skin without being on a regular and consistent maintenance schedule. This can be especially true for those laser offices that run coupon specials where thousands of people buy treatment packages for pennies on the dollar. If the center does not pay extra attention to maintenance, the laser can practically burn out from the wear and tear and the quality of service will be hindered greatly. On the other hand, a laser center that has no business can be troubling as the laser sits in the corner or in the closet, unused most of the year, and likely unmaintained. In short, new technology coupled with a stringent equipment maintenance schedule is the key to at least having technology that will be effective.

The next important aspect to look at is the experience of the laser technicians and the medical doctor's on site presence. To operate a laser in the state of Illinois one must be a licensed aesthetician, a registered nurse or a medical doctor. But make sure that the people performing the treatments have had adequate training on the operation and safety protocols of the laser. Excellent training of the laser operators comes from an office that makes sure that the medical doctor and the company that manufactured the lasers has done extensive and complete training for all its employees. An unfortunate aspect of the laser industry is that the turnover of employees and laser technicians can at times be high so it is very important that a laser center, med spa or doctor's office continuously trains its new employees at the same proficiency levels as all prior employees were trained at. Experience level is also high on the list of priorities. A laser technician or a medical doctor who does not perform laser treatments at a high frequency has not developed the experience and the technique to really create great results for the patients or clients.

And finally it is important to find an office that has a clean medical environment with a caring staff. It is important to have stringent hygiene protocols such as using the more expensive disinfectants to wipe the laser head down from patient to patient and to make sure that the laser operators wear new gloves for each patient and wash their hands after treating each patient. If the office does not care about the presentation of its office and employees, the likelihood of them caring about your results is unlikely.

We hope this helps and also brings into light that NOT all laser centers, med spas and doctor's offices that have lasers are the same. So if your idea of shopping around is calling and asking on the telephone, "so what's your price for this laser treatment or that laser treatment," you are setting yourself up to be highly exposed to businesses that may or may not take into account all the other important items discussed in this blog. All offices are not the same and the lowest price does not mean the best or even mediocre results can be achieved with your money. The recommendation is to do research and really feel comfortable with the center you choose for your laser treatments.


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