Photo Genesis™

Photo Genesis™ is an innovative way to quickly, safely and comfortably improve your skin's texture, tone and color on your face, neck, chest, arms and hands, without gel or topical anesthetics. Signs of sun damage and age spots will usually flake off after one or two treatments, leaving clearer, younger looking skin.

What areas respond best to the procedure?
Virtually any part of the body with uneven skin tone, diffuse redness, freckles and/or sun and age spots can be safely treated. The face, neck, chest, shoulders and arms usually get the most sun exposure and are usually the most popular areas for treatment. Many people have successfully treated their hands, legs and back as well.

How does Photo Genesis™ work?
The visible light delivered by the Photo Genesis™ procedure is selectively absorbed by the pigmented spots and red areas on your skin. It is the heating of these cells that causes the therapeutic effect.

How many treatments are necessary?
Dramatic results are typically noticed after 1-2 treatments. Additional treatments may be required for excessively damaged skin or areas that are densely freckled.

What kind of improvement is expected?
Over the course of 1-3 weeks, spots will fade or flake off and your mottled complexion will clear. You can expect a gradual improvement of the hyperpigmentation, sun and age spots after one treatment and continuous improvements with each additional treatment. With the use of sun protection daily, you will notice clearer, younger looking skin.

What do the treatments feel like?
The hand piece feels cool and comfortable when placed on skin. When the pulse of light is delivered, you may feel a brief pinching sensation.

Will the spots and redness reappear after treatments?
Over time, new spots may appear if there has been sufficient sun exposure. These too can be removed. It is important to apply sun protection on a daily basis in order to maintain a freckle-free complexion.


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