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    Excessive hair in the gentile area may be a disturbing factor in your life. Pubic hair removal implies ridding the body of unwanted hair from the genitals. This process is done by women for different reasons. The compulsions of hygiene may lead one to opt for pubic hair removal as it reduces the possibility of bad odor or skin irritation. As far as women are concerned, it may offer some women a stronger feminine sense. Hence it is an issue of health, hygiene and personal comfort. Considered as one of the most effective methods of permanent hair removal, laser treatments are becoming increasingly popular these days. This method of pubic hair removal is looked upon as the best alternative to shaving or waxing. With six to eight sessions of laser treatments, effective visible results will be seen in the reduction of pubic hair. This technique is becoming the preferred method as it eliminates razor burns, ingrown hairs, cuts, bumps and blisters. You will achieve supple and healthy skin after pubic laser hair removal. At the Laser Aesthetic Center, we offer 3 different types of bikini hair removal.

    1. Basic Bikini - This includes the inner sides of the thigh that are in line with your underwear.
    2. Extended Bikini - This includes basic bikini plus full front of the bikini area leaving a landing strip.
    3. Brazilian Bikini - This includes basic bikini plus full front and back.