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    Back hair can be very unappealing and this is why unwanted back and shoulder hair is a common male aesthetics problem. Although removal of unwanted hair from the entire back area may seem daunting to many men, it is normally possible for us to cover the entire back in a single session. Furthermore, unlike painful waxing treatments, once the process of 6-8 treatments  are finished, you are hair free! In some cases, a touch-up treatment is needed after one year or so.

    How It Works:
    You will be asked to shave right before the treatment, once the treatment is over, you will notice that the hair will be growing back within the next few weeks. By the 4th week, the hair will start shedding on its own. The shedding happens in a patchy form. We allow the shedding to take place between week 4 and week 8. By week 8, it is time for your next treatment, here you are asked to shave the hairs again and the same shedding cycle will take place. By your 6th or 8th treatment, you would have lost over 90% of your back and shoulder hair.

    Best time to start:

    It is preferable to start treatments during the fall/winter season in order to avoid sun contact and look good for the beach by the upcoming summer!