Age Reducing and Acne Treating Chemical Peels performed by the Laser Aesthetic Center

Glycolic Acid is the most active and beneficial of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA) in skin care and is made from sugar cane.
It is the only AHA which is able to penetrate through the cell walls by virtue of its small molecular size. Once inside the cell, it will trigger new formation of collagen and turn on the synthesis of dermal glycosaminoglycans to plump up the cell and the ground substances in the skin to reduce wrinkles on the skins surface. Glycolic Acid also affects the newly forming keratin cells at the bottom of the stratum corneum causing the bulk of the stratum corneum to lift off and separate from the underlying skin. This gives the skin a much smoother look and feel.
Glycolic Acid has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of acne along with other cosmetic benefits.
The Benefits of glycolic acid make it one of the most effective substances for many skin conditions including:
* Acne
* Acne Scarring
* White-heads
* Blackheads
* Pustules
* Bumps including razor bumps
* Psoriasis
* Eczema
* Dry skin
* Age spots/Sun spots/Freckles
* Sun damage
* Wrinkles
* Fine lines
* Hyperpigmentation
* Seborrheic keratosis
* Hyperkeratosis
* Actinic keratosis and many other skin conditions


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